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Proposal Writing

As I journey into this career as a consultant I have started to notice many things. For example, I wrote a proposal, a 3 million dollar one, and the funder, cough cough aka the government, took my ideas and put it into another proposal. At first I was angry. Ok, you didn’t like one ofContinue reading “Proposal Writing”

Simple Things In Life

As covid has taken over our lives… I can’t help but reflect… this little one is what we do it all for. She is my reason for getting up every morning and my reason for living. I love you little one.

Unions vs. Non-Unions

I should mention… I love debates. Recently… a friend and I got into a debate of unions vs. Non-union employment and companies. He is pro union! His argument is unions have better benefits. Yes, they do. His other argument is that they set wages that others follow. Again, yes. Here is my counter argument. UnionsContinue reading “Unions vs. Non-Unions”

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