Caged in a Hotel – Day 2- Monday

Mike started at 6am! If I wanted the truck, I would have to get up and drop him off to work. As a nightcrawler, 6am is way too early for me.

We were almost late in dropping off Mike. As it turns out, the part of Nisku where his shop is, has no maps as it is a new area. It also turns out, you have to drive to the front of the building to drop him off.

I went back to my hotel room, picked up two Continental breakfasts which during covid consists of a yogurt, a granola bar, and a fruit drink.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Edmonton was to study. I knew being holed up in a hotel room would mean I have nothing else to distract me. My sister and my beautiful goddaughter wouldn’t call me over to hang out.

Surprisingly… I learned how effective I am when I put my mind to it. I completed my Smart Serve — which allows me to serve alcohol in Alberta. To be honest, I only ever had to use my credentials once when I was helping my White Mama and her daughter fund raise for Girl Guides.

I also completed my voice over classes. As someone who creates and writes a lot of curriculum, I am very disappointed when I listen to some voice overs for the classes. 😦 I thought it was a neat market to get into.

I also started a cognitive behaviour therapy and counselling course and started working on my MBA.

We asked for a late check out so I went and hung out at McDonalds for a couple hours. This makes me appreciate Starbucks so much. A place for people like me to hang out — when everything is covid free. Things you take for granted.

However if anyone knows me, I hate being still. So within an hour, I drove in a circle to the outlet stores. I also am directionally challenged. I never appreciated how arrows tell you what to do–and how much of a rule breaker I am.

I bought a dress for me, a dress for Lizzy, two dresses for Charlotte, and a sweater and shirt for my love. Yes, they were camouflage. He loves it.

I then waited for Mike for an hour outside his shop. Studying some more.

Mike and I checked into the Sheridan. I also placed an order for chicken biryani and boy oh boy… best Indian food I’ve ever had. So I placed an order for 8 more to share with my loved ones when I go back to Calgary on Friday.

Mike and I also went to Walmart to buy groceries for his lunch. Shame on me for not asking Mike to secure a kitchen for our hotel room. 😦 We’d save so much money this way.

Mike and I binged out on the bed after eating the amazing Indian food and started to watch tv. What else can one do?

We watched Titans! With The Rock. You can’t help but admire the strength, endurance, agility, and grace these beasts are.

We also watched The Wall. One thing I appreciate is Lebron James is diversifying his assets. We teach this to clients all the time. Not only did Lebron produce Madam C.J. Walker but he also produces The Wall –which is a trivia game where you can walk out with some change.

Mike and I determined he would be the ideal candidate on the trivia–I picked me a smart one. And Lizzy would be the best for inserting the balls to be dropped down into monetary amounts–she is ridiculously lucky at gambling.

Mike passed out on me and I started to watch Criminals on Netflix. I don’t know what it is about UK TV… maybe it’s my quirky personality but I love UK TV. Witty. Great acting. And awesome storylines.

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