Recently a Facebook friend posted a comment on how upset she was that Lebron signed a contract for $85 million and how healthcare workers are not paid enough. I was going to engage her on Facebook but decided to blog about it instead.

My response:

Depends on how you look at it.

Canada has a health expenditure of $264 billion. 30% is for hospitals. 20% for physicians. 15% for drugs. 72% of hospital costs is for salaries alone. Hospital costs are $60 billion! If we take 72% of that… it’s roughly $43+ billion. If we say they each make 80k (more of a nurses rate) that means hospitals employ over half a million people. But hospitals are a business and heavily government mandated. At least in Canada.

That 85M that Lebron makes… employs people as well. He used his monies to make the movie Self-Made. (Such a good movie!) Sure he may have received monies from it… but he also created jobs with it. I’ve always told people to pick and choose your careers wisely. 😉 *Tongue in cheek*

Okay. I get your argument. The disparity of salary between one person to another… the issue is that the healthcare system would collapse!

How much should athletes make? A person doing nursing could do it over 60 years… an athlete? Heck them pushing into their 30s is rough on their bodies.


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