Unions vs. Non-Unions

I should mention… I love debates. Recently… a friend and I got into a debate of unions vs. Non-union employment and companies.

He is pro union! His argument is unions have better benefits. Yes, they do. His other argument is that they set wages that others follow. Again, yes.

Here is my counter argument. Unions also do not reward top performers like me. I remember accepting my first union job not realizing I wouldn’t be able to renegotiate my rate. I am a high achiever and expect my work to speak for itself. I have learned my lesson. I also saw a lot of people become complacent with their jobs. They just wanted their pensions at the end of their years. I wanted to make a difference. Have an impact.

My argument is as such… people in life get to choose what fields you want to work in. Which companies to work at. How much you want to get paid. There are a lot of good organizations out there and yes, some bad ones. You get to make your decisions. If you want to work a union job. Go getter! If you don’t that’s fine too. Just know what you want and don’t want… and you’ll be fine.


Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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