Completing your Masters in 15 days

You know, we always hear phrases like, “you are your own hero” and “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Craziest thing is if you believe it and it comes true. If anyone told me that I would get my Masters in Big Data and Business Intelligence and submit all necessary coursework in a span of 14 days, I would call you crazy except that is exactly what I did.

I just put my head down. I gave myself impossible targets to hit and just worked. I must have pulled many all-nighters. It also helped that I am very familiar with all course material. Remember when I said I was that unicorn? Yup! That pretty much sums up my experience.

I actually enjoyed a lot of the assignments. It was mainly all casework and you had to use what you knew to solve a problem an organization had–literally the heart of everything I do. I also learned a lot about the Spanish culture, because as is, I decided to do online schooling during covid times. Smart of me eh? Or it’s the only option. šŸ™‚

One assignment had me research the online market in terms of Spanish wines. I learned quite a ton about the Spanish wines. I learned that 80% of Spaniards consider themselves wine drinkers. I learned that 60% of Spaniards prefer red wine. I learned the government heavily subsidized wine companies during the pandemic to assist with storage issues etc. I also learned that 66% of the wine business is generated from hotel, tourism and online purchases. As such, you can imagine the effects covid had on sales. Surprisingly, after 11 months of everything shutting down, wine sales went up by 42%. Not surprising, what else can one do during a lockdown? I learned that the younger population, specifically the millennials, do not drink as much wine as they having a healthy lifestyle is very important to them. This research study in particular catered to the Spanish community. These researchers recommended more education on wine to help win this target group back. Now the part I love, we had to be creative and design a marketing plan to the youth in terms of Spanish wine. Oh, this is stuff I just live for. Throw me in a room with problems and I will find solutions. If I could turn this into a full day time job, I would so love this! I’m trying. I’m working my way to become a consultant to make this happen!

This course was also fascinating for me to go through because you can get 100%. It’s fascinating because in Canada, it is very rare for someone to score 100% on assignments because they have a large component of the grading focused on writing ability including spelling, grammar, etc. In fact, teachers rarely ever give out 100% on principle because they don’t think anyone is perfect. Then I can’t help but reflect, as a student, if you know that 25% of your grade is on grammar and spelling etc. does that mean you focus more on how to word things and how to write things as opposed to learning and applying concepts? And then it made me wonder, why are we so afraid of 100%? Isn’t it just a number?

I also acknowledge that the school system is broken. What I mean by this is I have worked in education for over 5 years. I know a lot of the focus is now recruiting international students. In Canada, we are heavily subsidized for tuition costs if you are a Canadian going to school but because ultimately, schools are a business themselves, we are not having enough students go through our system to sustain their costs. As such, they are looking for international students to come and pick up the pieces. School is not cheap.

I know Britain had free education until 1998. I know they struggled with the quality of education and now with Britain leaving EU, I wonder what the long term ramifications will look like in terms of students going to the UK. As is most European students surveyed said that if the prices increased dramatically, they would not go and would consider other educational institutions. While we know the big prestigious schools will actually see profits, it’s the smaller institutions that will be losing almost $1 million pounds annually due to loss of European schools. They too are looking to attract students from international waters.

This really begs the question, are schools in it to make money or are they in it to actually help students learn, apply concepts, and help them find work? All I know is that I completed my studies in 14 days–which I acknowledge is way not normal–however I am well versed in big data and data intelligence and as such, I flew through the course.

Now, my MBA is going to a longer and harder challenge for me. As this course I signed up for, is mainly all international tax, international law, and international finance. While I confess to knowing a lot of the tax, laws, and finance in Canada, internationally… not so much. šŸ˜¦ My MBA will most definitely take me a bit more time to do. No more 15 days. šŸ˜¦

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