Engaging in Online Trolling

Life is interesting. We have now moved online whereby we all have a voice and/or can hide behind a keyboard and a fake username and troll accounts. Internet keyboard ninjas I once heard them called. I know it’ll take a long time to change people’s behaviour online, but I would like to hope we have become better people that are loving and supportive of people. But this is not the case. So I can only do my part I guess.

Because I have a strong marketing background, I understand different platforms are used differently for different generations. I use Facebook to keep up to date with family and friends. I once tried to turn my Facebook to only promote positivity. I would share only news articles, and inspiration. Did this work? Sort of. I turned one gentleman who followed me into a more aware individual. Prior to me posting all my Facebook posts, he would post very contentious stuff on Facebook. Now, he posts things about politics and it’s rewarding in that you can see the impact the articles you put out have on him.

For me, I love TikTok. It’s very inspirational, light, quick, and less trolly. TikTok for the most part in my experience, is supportive, loving, and light. I also enjoy when creators throw down and get back at their trollers online. For example, I remember a TikTok creator who is married to a black woman and he was white. Someone commented on his page that he isn’t staying true to his roots etc. Man did that commenter get trolled back. I think it’s only fair.

Here is my conundrum if you will. When did it come about attacking a person as opposed to attacking the argument? When did we all become too sensitive and when do we start to take things too personally? I recently posted a comment on Twitter, which is a platform known for politics and research, and is not always positive. I didn’t understand why people were up in arms about 35 students losing their scholarships in Afghanistan and why this is such a big deal. My argument was: this is a national security issue at this point. The Taliban is overtaking the Afghanistan country, USA is pulling out, and I understand why Britain may not want to get involved. I said, alternatively, the government can repurpose the monies to support natural born citizens. I received the most nastiest comments attacking my person in retribution of my comment. I was told a 1st Generation Canadian has no right in UK business. Fair, but I also am studying international studies and I think it’s prudent we are aware of things that go around us. Then I was called uneducated and anti-immigrant and I should be more considerate because my parents were immigrants. I was reminded that my last name Vang is not from the UK. This is where I draw the line. Because now I’m confused; are we even talking the same language?

Please note, I paraphased these beautifully abrasive terms that were thrown at me from two users above who I have since reported for being inappropriate and rude. I’ve been called worse. But it is offensive to me, that without a thought, we can troll, swear, smear, and attack people’s persons online. Do people not understand that you don’t have to have an opinion on everything? And that it is NOT okay to attack someone online. Jeez. I think we need online policing!

My issue is we are both fighting different topics. Your discussion is about immigration NOT national security. My argument is for the greater good, 35 scholarships were not continued, due to national security. No where did I talk about immigration. Oh another one of life’s irony if you will. I may look Asian but I am born in Canada. When people ask me where I am from, I proudly say Canada. I always get asked, no where are you really from. I say, Canada. Canada is home to me. You can put me in China and I will be in a foreign place.

I once saw a TikTok that described this to a T. An Indian man said he is from Canada. But Canadians do not accept this and say he is from India. But Indians do not accept him as he lives in Canada. He says he has an identity crisis. This is truth. I think we should instill pride in being Canadian. Just because I say I’m Canadian doesn’t make me any less Asian genetically but as is, many who come to Canada still keep their roots but as a kid of a refugee, not an immigrant, sure, I grew up differently than most but Canada is still a young nation. We do not have centuries of history like China.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, do people realize what you put out into the world? It suddenly makes me appreciate content makers so much more who are willing to put their lives out there, get trolled, and rise above it. Gary Vee is a master at this. He just bombards every platform with so much positivity and gratitude. I don’t think people realize how much of an impact he truly has had on media. He started with the gratitude thing before it became a thing. He also gave out his personal phone number for people to reach him before anyone else does. He also RESPONDS to most if not all comments. If you want to talk about creating brand loyalty, we are looking at a master of it.

Will people change? Absolutely not. Will I get trolled? Absolutely. Will I be called all kinds of profanities and be attacked personally? Absolutely! Bring it I say. I hope to counteract all negativity with so much positivity, you and your negativity can be damned. I am taking one from Gary Vee’s book.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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