What are you worth?

If you are anything like me, you’re a bit of a unicorn. What I mean by that is, my skillset is so wide and diverse. I think for the longest time I did not want to subscribe to societal labels. “Oh, you’re in finance.” “Oh, you do HR.” For me, my whole career has been built around achieving success and developing as many skillsets as I can. Heck, I joined a recruitment agency to see how it works. Sure, I could have interviewed people but it just isn’t the same. You cannot box me into one field or one sector. I’ve dabbled in them all. A master of none but still better than a master of one.

During the time off from covid, I have constantly asked myself, are you charging what you are worth? As I interview with many organizations, which I might cover in another post, I kept asking myself, are you charging what you are worth or do you think you are worth more? Oh life’s little irony. As I write my proposals, I ask myself, is this too much?

I often forget why I left home. I love my family and friends but they are stuck. They will never truly understand my growth mentality. My mom to this day still asks me when am I going to settle down and stick it out with one company. When I told her, I will not go below a certain salary, she goes, just be grateful you have work. You should accept. I go Mom. I am not chasing a job and a salary. I am chasing an opportunity that will allow me to constantly grow, learn, and become the best I can. What that looks like, is up in the air.

This is a principle I grew up with my whole life. Accept. Be grateful. And it’s not the good acceptance or gratitude we are taught today by my idols, Gary Vee and so many others. Their principle is I should not want more. I should just live. Yes, I appreciate all that it took to get me here, but do not get me wrong. I know I am just getting started.

I also know, I will not last long at a company that doesn’t pay me what I’m worth and I think it’s only fair to say that from the start. Because this is so indicative to me, of an organization that does not care about it’s people and an organization that has not done market research. But I can also say, I have taken positions with a lot less pay for more learning opportunities. But I think realistically I am at the point in my career where I know the value I can bring to an organization.

What is my worth? My worth is what I subscribe it to be. I have never met a more supportive partner than my man. When I talk to him, and vent about they only want to pay x dollars for x amount of work. Are you okay if I turn down the job? He goes, do you. You know better than me what you are capable of and I believe in you. It’s such a weird dynamic having him and my mom in my life. They both love you but their approaches are like polar opposites.

So what am I truly worth? I am worth the value I can bring to an organization with my unicorn skills. I am worth the words I say and the commitments I promise. I am worth my ideas and my execution. I am more than my net worth. I am worthy.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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