Construction Management

Why did I decide to study construction management? I recently took a course on construction management. I am one of those freaks who needs to feel uncomfortable often as I like to learn and force myself to look at things from different perspectives.

This course, for me, was hard. I had to learn the 5 phases of construction. I had to learn how buildings are built from what is a beam, what is a joist, what is load capacity, to sound barriers and water vapors.

My partner, a tradesman, was a huge help for this course, but I can’t help but reflect how impatient he was with me in terms of me asking really basic questions. For me, this is someone coming to me and asking me how do I use Word.

I was also fascinated by what he didn’t know. I know he’s specialized.

Will I ever apply my learnings? Who knows. However, it has given me a great appreciation for trades and construction. For the longest time, I thought all construction people were road flaggers. I now know better.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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