Am I overqualified? I contemplated getting my MBA. I knew I needed to get it. However, does this now put me in a new line of overqualified individuals?

I write this because I reflect on life. In my pursuit of academia, I also decided to do a double masters in business administration and big data and business intelligence. All the advice you get on LinkedIn are interesting.

One lady posted, if you have an MBA, you should be making at least $120,000. Seems small to me but okay. Everyone else said you can always hide your degrees. Someone else said to steer away from companies that make you hide your degree. But there was a lot of hate in terms of how people should not equate schooling to an increase in salary.

There were also questions about why an MBA is higher than just a regular MA or MS. Truthfully, if you look at the price tag of an MBA, it’s almost double that of the MA or MS hence why people add value to it. Also, depending on what you use your MA/MS for and your research topic, it may or may not be relevant to business. In this case, I think the lady did her MA in plants.

To add on top of all of this, I am seriously also considering getting a DBA. A doctorate in business administration. I think I would like to pursue research but from a business standpoint. Having worked in research, I loved and hated it. I loved how progressive the research was. I didn’t so much like the research topics of mindfulness and yoga etc. however I understand the importance and value of it for cancer patients.

What I would really be interested to talk about is how our creativity has been stifled with the pursuit of capitalism. Think about it. The film industry and entertainment is one that will never lack for monies or creativity.

I recently listened to a podcast with Tom Bilyeu and the person he was interviewing, Moran Cerf, said, he goes to the writers for ideas because they are the ones that push the boundaries for imagination.

I also recently read an article by MIT Sloan that basically said senior leadership now lack creativity as well. All they focus on is execution. The article goes on to state that even Bill Gates takes two weeks to recharge and read books to become and instill creativity. Such a fascinating premise.

So, does having two masters now make me too qualified for roles that I should consider getting a doctorate and just go the full research route? Thoughts to ponder on a Friday Morning.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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