Jax: Like My Father

When I first saw Jax play her song, “Like My Father,” I bawled. It described me so perfectly. I once told my hubby, I want a man like my dad. My dad worked half days Fridays. He would come home, cook and clean and buy flowers for my mom. That to me was love. I didn’t want anything else.

What makes this extra special is in our Asian culture, most men are not supposed to do womanly tasks like cooking, cleaning or show any affection to your wife. My dad, being the eldest son, took his responsibilities to the community seriously, but at home, he rebelled. I jokingly tell people I get it from him.

My parents used to hold hands and walk to the store and back to get exercise. I knew there was a lot of love between my parents even if they didn’t show it. I always felt loved.

So imagine my surprise when a lot of the comments in the YouTube were about how they wished they had a dad like this. How they hope their kids get a dad like this.

When I walk down the aisle, I know this is the song I will be playing. I’ll be a blubbering mess but as my dad won’t do a father dance due to cultural norms, and because my mom says he can’t cry in public as he has to protect his image and he’ll cry, I’ll cry for us both walking down the aisle to a song I dedicate to my dad as our father daughter dance.

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A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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