Podcast or No Podcast?

I’m torn on whether or not to start a podcast. I think we need different levels of thinkers in the world to share ideas so we can truly promote diversity and change the world. Elon Musk does it so well. He also has a “I don’t give a SH*T” attitude which is truly admirable.

However, I’m torn as to whether or not a podcast will help or hinder my career. I say this while watching a great idol Jordan Peterson have his words taken out of context. Everything we say and or do now is suddenly up to the public to make vote and judge us on something taken out of context.

I don’t like Dave Chapelle. But my husband made me watch his Netflix Special and I can honestly say, I saw a real life man who weaves stories up on the stage so naturally. If you ever wanted to take lessons on story telling, watch him. I was torn whether or not to watch him because his name is his sketches are taken out of context. It was so humbling to see him stand up for his friend, a transgendered person, and share from his heart—which we all know he wouldn’t normally do because you can kind of sense his character up there.

But isn’t that what comedy was? It’s to push us beyond what is comfortable and make jokes that allow us to digest evils in the world in a different way? I watched a master perform that night. I can now humbly say, I am a Dave Chapelle supporter.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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