Skills Most People Need

In my experience, there are three skills people need to become successful at any job: leadership, communication, and strategic development.

Imagine trying to lead a group of people while you yourself don’t know how to lead. You don’t know how to motivate a team. You don’t know how to care and build strong relationships with your team. This is absolutely vital! I will forever be eternally grateful to the many who gave me an opportunity to learn leadership from the best of the best. I still remember sitting in a John Maxwell session and watched a master manage the topic and the crowd.

Communication! Many relationships break up due to poor communication, in a workplace, it is no different. I once worked for an organization who kept asking me to develop a process. I created a project charter that outlined all processes so I was confused to what they wanted. I learned, for them, a process is a PowerPoint presentation. I have never heard of a process as a PowerPoint presentation. This is miscommunication.

Strategic development. This to me is multifaceted. I have seen so many situations whereby many organizations go to die due to a lack of innovation and sticking to the traditional. But often times, it’s because a company doesn’t truly know what they don’t know–what they need to move to the next level. I sat in an interview recently whereby my second interview was different individuals asking me the same questions in the first interview. This interview had a panel of 9 people. Seems a bit excessive if you ask me. This is where as a consultant, I would coach them to have a committee and the committee makes the decision for the group. Imagine how overwhelming it is for the candidate who already answered all the questions and has to ask it a second time. In this day and age when we have video recording, it also makes no sense why you couldn’t record the interview with the interviewee’s permission ahead of time.

These three skills have served me well in my career.

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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