It’s the Thought That Counts, no?

As Christmas season is approaching, I can’t help but reflect on a comment someone once said to me, “X gave me a gift. But it wasn’t what I wanted. Do they even know me?”

I always thought, the fact that they thought about you and gifted you something, should means something no? Isn’t it the thought that counts?

Imagine them sending it long distance, packing it so carefully, and you get it and you think, “Oh, this isn’t what I wanted.” I wonder, does this make them selfish?

However, I also wonder, what the gifter thinks. As we know, we aren’t the same person in each person’s eyes. Some may call me a villain in their life story; other’s a hero; and just an average person in others. Hence why it’s curious to me.

Do they think you are girly by giving you makeup? Are they malicious in trying to tell you to wear some makeup? Or is this all they could afford? So, so, many thoughts.

To be honest, I am just grateful for any gift. I think everyone should be. But I wanted to play devil’s advocate. ..

I also wonder sometimes is it better to not gift at all, when you know you have to give a gift but don’t know the person well. Or is money still an okay gift? Or gift cards? It’s become so impersonal. Do people actually prefer it?

Published by Pamela Vang

A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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