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Sometimes I hate being a consultant. I write killer proposals but what happens is … your ideas get stolen or gifted to someone else. I can’t begin to tell you how many proposals I wrote, and how many people have used my ideas … the government being one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop giving them my ideas with nothing back in return. It’s for the greater good no? However I still have mouths to feed and a living to do as well.

I’m torn. I’m honestly torn. To continue or to stop. I’ve seen my ideas out there for the world to see… and I feel hurt, disgusted, and an insane chip on my shoulder to say, F U and your mom and your sister and your… how does that song go? Lol.

Then I take a step back after all that emotion and I logically figure out why they aren’t choosing me. Governments, unfortunately, in my experience, do not take no namers. Which is sad and depressing in ways. If we talk about investing in entrepreneurship isn’t this a flaw in the system?

I’ve submitted numerous bids to help people find work. I started with micro-credentials. This was not my idea. I too stole it from others. (I guess I am no different). However, now I see this term everywhere.

I often wonder if it is a conflict of interest for schools to run programs to help people find work. Having worked in a career centre myself, we often promote people to attend our schooling as a way to get ahead in life.

I often wonder if what we are using as measures of success are truly successful. 70% of participants will find work. Everyone will want to find work regardless. I think we should add in a couple words: meaningful work and work that moves the candidate ahead. Having worked in the employment sector, we found people work; however a lot of the time, it was a survival job. They were one pay cheque from not being able to put food on their tables.

I often reflect back and think, as a society should we not be better? I got into a debate with my partner about “essential workers” and how now that they want fair wages, they will be replaced by robots. It makes business sense. What we should be doing as a society is progressing. But schools are not made to help us progress at all. Hence why, unless our schools get better, we all should be okay with shipping the lower end jobs to China and Mexico because we should be better trained and better equipped to moving the world forward through other means no? Am I too idealistic? Is this world too far away?

My partner made me watch a stupid show recently about how in the future people got stupider and were feeding plants Gatorade. People wore clothing completely full of marketing… and for a moment… this future scared me. With children eating Tide Pods to children now choking each other out and recording it… what’s next? Do children have too much time on their hands?

What is the world coming to?

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A first generation Canadian. Blogger. Lover of life. Sharer of experiences.

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