Memories that Last Forever

I decided to submit this for a competition as well. Thoughts? Memories that Last Forever – By Pamela Vang I should not be driving. The rain falls down fast and hard on the clear glass window of my white Ford Ranger like an awful foreshadow of the future. These big, fat, and ugly tears rollingContinue reading “Memories that Last Forever”

Biggest Regrets

Someone once asked me what my biggest regret was, I told them I had none because I have to live with my decisions and have made peace with them. Are there things I wish I had done differently? Absolutely! As I reflect on this topic, I can’t help but think and browbeat myself into thinkingContinue reading “Biggest Regrets”

Engaging in Online Trolling

Life is interesting. We have now moved online whereby we all have a voice and/or can hide behind a keyboard and a fake username and troll accounts. Internet keyboard ninjas I once heard them called. I know it’ll take a long time to change people’s behaviour online, but I would like to hope we haveContinue reading “Engaging in Online Trolling”

Completing your Masters in 15 days

You know, we always hear phrases like, “you are your own hero” and “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Craziest thing is if you believe it and it comes true. If anyone told me that I would get my Masters in Big Data and Business Intelligence and submit all necessaryContinue reading “Completing your Masters in 15 days”