Ideas Ideas Ideas

Sometimes I hate being a consultant. I write killer proposals but what happens is … your ideas get stolen or gifted to someone else. I can’t begin to tell you how many proposals I wrote, and how many people have used my ideas … the government being one of them. Sometimes I wonder if IContinue reading “Ideas Ideas Ideas”

Adopt a Family

My goal is still to have an orphanage and impact 10,000 people! Alas because I feel I am still a bit far from achieving this goal, what I decided to do this year instead, was to gift a family some Christmas gifts. This year is hard on my family but I always feel, as badContinue reading “Adopt a Family”


I once read that, goals, aren’t ever to be achieved. They are meant to be milestones. It was such an interesting concept to me because I have always wondered if I’ve been setting such small goals for myself. I wanted to become an executive director by the time I was 30. I was a yearContinue reading “Goals”

Hillary Clinton

I just watched Hillary’s documentary and I couldn’t help but reflect on a few things. Her stance on feminism. I wish her PR team did way more to make her the voice and face of feminism. It could have done way more to help her cause and become president. How similar she and I are.Continue reading “Hillary Clinton”


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