Construction Management

Why did I decide to study construction management? I recently took a course on construction management. I am one of those freaks who needs to feel uncomfortable often as I like to learn and force myself to look at things from different perspectives. This course, for me, was hard. I had to learn the 5Continue reading “Construction Management”


Am I overqualified? I contemplated getting my MBA. I knew I needed to get it. However, does this now put me in a new line of overqualified individuals? I write this because I reflect on life. In my pursuit of academia, I also decided to do a double masters in business administration and big dataContinue reading “Overqualified”


I recently did an interview for an Executive Director position at a local not for profit and I wish to share my experience. I asked questions I thought were fair. How much funding does your organization bring in? From where? Where are the holes in your organization? What type of culture do you currently have?Continue reading “Boards”

Child’s Book

I recently decided to publish this book for my niece — Charlotte. I can’t wait to see you in 9 days!! Charlotte No Night Night Once upon a time, in a far away place, there lived this beautiful Princess. Her name was Charlotte. She had chestnut brown hair and these big brown eyes. Every night,Continue reading “Child’s Book”

Biggest Regrets

Someone once asked me what my biggest regret was, I told them I had none because I have to live with my decisions and have made peace with them. Are there things I wish I had done differently? Absolutely! As I reflect on this topic, I can’t help but think and browbeat myself into thinkingContinue reading “Biggest Regrets”

What are you worth?

If you are anything like me, you’re a bit of a unicorn. What I mean by that is, my skillset is so wide and diverse. I think for the longest time I did not want to subscribe to societal labels. “Oh, you’re in finance.” “Oh, you do HR.” For me, my whole career has beenContinue reading “What are you worth?”


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