I Will Remember

I submitted this in a contest and didn’t win. Still wanted to share it however. Her last words to me were, “I sleeping.” I can still remember her sweet little body nestled trustingly in my arms. Her big, little head nestled in the nook of my left elbow. Her small body draped over my short,Continue reading “I Will Remember”

Getting Uncomfortable

I have learned that I enjoy getting uncomfortable as it pushes me to think outside the box to learn something new. I have taken a lot of heat for this however. Many do not understand my career choices for one. However, I have also realized, many do not like getting uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel likeContinue reading “Getting Uncomfortable”

Lazy and Rich

Someone once told me I was lazy and rich. It never resonated in my head because in order for you to become rich, you have to work your butt off. You can reap the benefits after. For some of us, we will keep working and working. Being rich and lazy is opposites in my eyes.Continue reading “Lazy and Rich”


For the longest time, I acknowledge that I think differently than most people. However, it scares me how I still surround myself with those who tell me to value security. I read an article recently that explained it perfectly. It said, people who value security are misinformed as chaos is what we truly live inContinue reading “Security”


I just read Rachel Turner’s Human First book…. and I was so disappointed. Instead of getting nuggets out of the book, there were no quizzes that helped you to determine if you were a visionary, a conductor, a nurturer, or an analyst… instead it was… excuse me… no different than a long blog about theContinue reading “DO NOT RECOMMEND”

The Genius of Me

Sometimes I have to applaud myself. I am a great thinker. I was asked to help an organization grow in their social media. However, in working with the Founder, it was quickly determined s/he had other plans and a change of direction. As such, my goal was to help them. So what did I suggest?Continue reading “The Genius of Me”

Bitter Sweet

Hm… As a consultant, sometimes I wonder if what I do actually hurts me more than it helps me. I recently submitted the greatest SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to an organization. I didn’t get the role. However, three months later, it was reposted. Which leads me to believe what I already knew, theContinue reading “Bitter Sweet”

Ideas Ideas Ideas

Sometimes I hate being a consultant. I write killer proposals but what happens is … your ideas get stolen or gifted to someone else. I can’t begin to tell you how many proposals I wrote, and how many people have used my ideas … the government being one of them. Sometimes I wonder if IContinue reading “Ideas Ideas Ideas”


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