Caged in a Hotel – Day 3 – Tuesday

Mike woke up at 6am again. Working! I had the leftover Indian food. I purposely saved some for later to see if it still tasted as good as it did — it did. 🙂 Then I went straight to studying. I completed the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Counselling Course. I was very disappointed in theContinue reading “Caged in a Hotel – Day 3 – Tuesday”

Life Lesson – You Are Not Big Unless You Are The First Person Someone Calls

In reflecting and talking about trying to start a business in finances, I can’t help but hear all the voices in my head remind me, you are not big unless you are the first person someone calls because they thought of you. Turns out a close relative recently lost his job. His company decided toContinue reading “Life Lesson – You Are Not Big Unless You Are The First Person Someone Calls”

Caged in a Hotel – Day 2- Monday

Mike started at 6am! If I wanted the truck, I would have to get up and drop him off to work. As a nightcrawler, 6am is way too early for me. We were almost late in dropping off Mike. As it turns out, the part of Nisku where his shop is, has no maps asContinue reading “Caged in a Hotel – Day 2- Monday”

Caged in a Hotel – Day 1 – Sunday

When Mike asked me if I would go up to Edmonton with him for a week, I was torn. I knew during covid, I wouldn’t be able to explore much, but I also knew how bored he would be–so I joined him. (I also, secretly wanted to see if I could live in a hotelContinue reading “Caged in a Hotel – Day 1 – Sunday”

Happy Birthday Grandma!

As we celebrate Grandma Vang’s 84th birthday today I can’t help but think of my family. My parents came here as refugees from the Vietnam War. My dad had to drop out of grade 10 as he was the eldest and had to help Grandpa Xao take care of the family. I still remember teachingContinue reading “Happy Birthday Grandma!”

Intention of Blogging

Hello and welcome to my blog. My intention of this blog is to share my life; every lesson learned, every heartbreak, every win or loss. I promise to be real and report things that matter to me. Thanks for dropping by!